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About Us

Welcome To Sprout AI

Vertical Cultivation Simplified. Repeatable, Economical, Practical, Scalable, Safe and Secure.

While other high-quality manufacturing sectors have had over 100 years to optimize quality, traceability, and cost of procurement, the vertical cultivation sector has had less than 10 years to do the same.

Sprout AI was formed out of necessity to plan, design, implement, and support vertical automated aeroponic grow habitats designed to operate within high-density urban settings with access to limited power and water

  • Our Vision

    To be a leader in urban vertical cultivation by ensuring each harvest is of high quality, producing high yield, and is consistent with the last batch to reduce product variability.

  • Our Mission

    To develop an innovative and adaptable solution to the regulatory demands relating to quality, traceability and audit of crop production.

  • Our Value

    We help control unwanted variation during the grow cycle by measuring and managing root causes of crop variation.

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Reduce costs of operations while increasing crop quality.

Become a cultivator of high quality, repeatable, low cost continual harvest crops. Learn a better way to cultivate crops that mitigate crop loss, and ensure perpetual harvest.

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Save Utility Costs

Significantly reduce power and water costs while increasing yield to improve bottom line.

Improve Quality

By controlling root causes of variation, each batch will be more similar grown, without contaminants.

Improved Compliance

Satisfy legal compliance by tracking each plant, each batch, and ultimately each final product.

Increase Profits

Fewer lost batches, fewer recalls, predictable yields, high quality will increase crop value.

Growing high quality, low cost crops indoors
is not easy! Consistently growing batches that are high quality, and that do not contain pathogens and other contaminants is even harder! Let us show you how this can be done repeatably, economically, practically, safe and secure without herbicides or pesticides.

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