Why switch to an Aeroponic Cultivation System?

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Why switch to an Aeroponic Cultivation System? The answer is simple: roots are free to absorb more oxygen and nutrients. That results in shorter growing cycles, higher yield, and repeatable crops

How is this done? An Aeroponic Cultivation System consist of growing plants in an aerial or nutrient-laden fog environment. This method is well known in the industry due to its multiple benefits. For example, it uses a fraction of water needed for traditional outdoor field cultivation, or indoor aquaponic or hydroponic cultivation. The roots are located in protected zone that is cooled to optimize plant grown, is free of diseases or pests, and permit exponential growth. Sprout AI has taken this further by using Habitats that are designed to “zip up” when planted and “un-zip” when its time to harvest, running on a computer controlled program, this only protects the plants from what may be airborne or brought into the cultivation area by working staff, but even if some of the plants get sick, they can be quickly removed without destabilizing or infecting the other plants.

In the case of cultivating cannabis, Sprout AI habitats will cultivate up to 32 plants in a fully controlled growing environments. Each habitat is a state-of-the-art integrated system that includes aeroponic nutrients, HVAC, dehumidification, air purification and LED lighting. This automated system creates a measurable and manageable growing environment for superior plant growth and batch cycle time optimization that integrates with our ERPc software and tracking solution known as OS2. To learn more on Sprout AI click here, to learn more about OS2 click here. To learn more about our turn-key solution for indoor vertical farming click here.