Our Team

Chris Bolton

Chief Executive Officer

Experienced with plan, design, implementation and ongoing support of complex systems.

Oswaldo Bello

Senior Advisor

Experienced in the ongoing development of Sprout AI’s artificial intelligence, automation and integration to regulatory compliance software.

Carlos Zapata

Manufacturing & Assembly Senior Advisor

Experienced with Logistics, supply chain, manufacturing and Project management, to deliver best in class services.

Robert Laurie

Senior Advisor

Delivers extensive knowledge and expertise from the legal aspect towards compliance.

Shawn Halter

Director of Grow Technologies

 Responsible for advancing new disruptive technologies for our SproutAI Product and product traceability.

Laura Castañedas de Franke

In-house Legal Advisor

Experienced corporate lawyer, with business acumen able to deliver and resolve conflicts in a positive manner.

Kyle Horak

Project Manager

Experienced in Commercial planning, and Project Management, ready to bring success to your project.

Miguel Gomez

SproutAI Systems Specialist

Horticulture professional experienced in large scale indoor automated grow systems and customer care support.

Victor La Rosa

Information Technology Specialist

Information Technology professional experienced in large scale IT Infrastructure deployements and customer care support.

Jesus Soto