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Aeroponics: state-of-the-art growing technology

Aeroponics is the process of growing plant roots suspended in air rather than a substrate.

Increases oxygen intake due to having the roots suspended in air

Using a fraction of water requirements found in typical agriculture

Grows plants up to three times faster than traditional methods, producing greater yield

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The most EFFICIENT way to grow plants

The roots of the plant are suspended in air and are directly sprayed with a p H corrected nutrient solution.

Atomizing applied nutrients that are temperature regulated with a ideal fertilizer concentration ( EC), results in a robust product.

A surplus of oxygen at the root surface increases plant growth due to the lack of root zone suffocating substrate.

It's the ultimate solution for your indoor vertical farm!

Utilizing advanced sensor control, Sprout AI provides the ability to design specified feed and environmental programs to allow any genetic to present its optimal phenotypical expression.

Resulting in fewer lost batches, higher quality, and crop biosecurity lending to a safer investment.

Designed to produce reliable, repeatable, batches, anywhere in the world!


Designed to set up easily as single level to a maximum of 5 levels high, on rolling racks to maximize use of floor space.

Each habitat is designed to grow "sea of green" plant crops with a maximum height of 3.5 feet (1 meter).

Each self contained habitat is designed to grow a total of 32 flowering plants. Minimum order is 15 habitats.

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Our system


our All Inclusive Habitats

Our habitats are self-contained , 32 plant batch, fully controlled growing environments. Each habitat is a state-of- the-art integrated system that includes aeroponic nutrient, HVAC, de- humidification, air purification, and LED lighting. This automated system creates a measurable and manageable cultivation environment to achieve superior plant growth and batch cycle time optimization that is integrated to our ERPc software and tracking solution.

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Aeroponic Chamber


The root chamber includes two layers of enclosure with two separate primary materials. Each chosen to create the optimal root growing unit in relation to functional capability, size, weight, and cost.
The inner layer of chamber is made from food-safe plastic that provides smooth liquid-tight surfaces. The outer layer, including both the exterior case and lids are made from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam. This material provides exceptional thermal insulation, good structural support and is highly durable.
There are 8 grow sites for each grow chamber, with 1 square foot for each plant.


HVAC System

Our Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning System is designed to achieve the environmental requirements for optimal grow conditions efficiently.
• Full heating, cooling and dehumidification control.
• Our HVAC system is water cooled offering full temperature and humidity control.
• We are reclaming our condensed from the humidification process.
Up to 30% reclamation of water, cleaned and pumped back into irrigation.

Air Filtration


The TheraCann Air is an air treatment system that features four zones of ultraviolet (UV-C) light, which is deadly to all forms of life (bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds, even skin)– killing all pathogens that arrive via personnel or the HVAC system within your habitat. Wi-Fi connection for remote monitoring and control. From your the SproutAI Control Center Software you can monitor all of your devices to review the total air cleaned, bulb life, pre-filter saturation and any active alerts.
99.9% Destruction of microorganisms – air never felt THIS pure!

Advanced LED


Our LED lights provide an economical and effective alternative to common High Pressure Sodium or Ceramic and Metal Halide options. The most efficient design: Linear parallel bars evenly spaced, allowing the maximum amount of light sources, eliminating shadow spots. Full spectrum that imitates the sunlight. Less energy: 640 Watts/light.

Integrated Monitoring and Control through our Control Center Software

Mobile Rack


The grow system is to be hosted on a tiered mobile rack system.
Rack system can be mobilized from both ends.

Maximizing plant canopy to aisle ratio for Optimal plant density, that is achieved at one plant per square foot.

The mobile carriage tracking can be placed for ideal use of space and ergonomic workflow.


Water System

Water System

The SproutAI System uses a water filtration system based on Reversed Osmosis, ensuring highest quality water feed to crop.  Water provides a medium to
transport nutrients necesary for plant life and make them available for absortion by the roots. The quality of water is essential for this process to work at maximumptential.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) and its role in ensuring the highest water quality by separating the dissolved solids from the water.

It is used to separate the dissolved solids from the water, moving the water through a membrane. By starting with water that is free from impurities and Minerals, RO water can help make growing more calculable, since the water quality is constant.

Common tap water often contains high levels of sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), sulfur (S), and cholirine (Cl). These contaminants can react with the nutrients and cause problems with the fertilizer mix.

Automated Nutrient Injector Feeder will ensure adequate nutrient mix and delivery to the crop. Nutrients are elements.

Water Filtration System

Water Filtration System Designed to produce “low total dissolved solids” water. This technology is a recirculation method used to recycle waste water back through the membranes to improve efficiency. It shows you real time performance specs such as PPM of inlet/outlet water, temperature, how many hours the RO has been in operation, % PPM rejection, and operating status.

Nutrient Center

Nutrient Center

Automated Nutrient Injector Feeder will ensure adequate nutrient mix and delivery to the crop. Nutrients are elements that the plant needs to live. Carbon, hyidrogen, and oxygen are absorbed from the air and the water. The rest of the elements, called nutrients, are absorbed from the nutrient solution.


Responsible for leaf and stem growth, as well as overall size and vigor.


Encourages strong root growth. Makes the proteins that augment the oil content.


Associated with overall vigor, resin, and seed production.


A full root zone control: Defining your growing conditions using these control poins

Fertigation control:
•pH – Controls the availability of ions that cannabis needs to assimilate. Some nutrient are not absorbed as fast as possible, if the pH levels are altered.

• Electric Conductivity (EC) – Nutrient concentrations are measured by their ability to conduct electricity through a solution.

• Water volume: Auto top off system that allows fresh water and nutrient feeds circulate through the chambers, measuring water levels.






Automation Control Unit

Automation Control Unit

The control unit is responsible for all automation integration and sensor control for all components, nutrient management, root temperature management, sensor information collection, activity automation, and data communication. Grow units are connected to the controller and provide the regulated spaces where the plants roots grow.

Up to 30% reclamation of water, cleaned and pumped back into irrigation.

Full heating, cooling and dehumidification control.

Our HVAC systems are water cooled offering ease of installation and reduced duct needs.

Water reclamation is achieved via condensate from the dehumidification process.

Control Center

Powered By

Enjoy Complete Control and tracking all stages of growth as well as habitat status through our SaaS Web Application. Capturing near real-time data. Create and Run you custom Grow Plans and deploy to selected habitat groups, ensuring consistency between batches and repeatability.
Identical results every time
Monitors and sets all grow plan parameters and gives full eviromental control.
Remote control
Integrated to all of our technologies, remotely controlled from your office.
Alerts and notifications

Configurable Alerts. In case of any incidence, you will be notified immediately.

Traceability and tax revenue audibility

Track every gram and every penny of crop production with our ETCH biotrace technology.

Fully configurable enterprise resource planning and compliace (ERP+C) software.
OS2 not just manages seed to sale, it manages the entire cannabis supply chain.
All aspectcs of you operations all conveniently found in ONE software solution.
OS2 adapts to your organizations requirements while ensuring full regulatory compliance.

Software-integrated technologies

Integrate your entire business Operation within our ERPc:

Redundant highly tusted clound hosting services.
Disaster Recovery, Denial of Service,1 to 1 client server.
Easy to add new modules, fields, user access, reports.
Collaborations tools: PBX, email and instant messaging.

Sprout AI Control Center Software - Powered by OS2

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