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Reduce Energy

Computer controlled specialized LED lights, humidity and temperature, significantly reduce energy costs.

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Higher Quality

Control causes of variation by measuring and managing growing variables without pesticides.

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Legally Traceable

Tracking every plant from seed, clone, or tissue culture through vegetative and flowering cycles.

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Conserve Water

Using a fraction of traditional water requirements, that are free of contaminants, and nutrient optimized.

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Growing high quality low cost crops without contaminants
is not easy! Consistently growing crops without loss between batches is even harder! Let us show you how this can be done repeatably, economically, practically, safe and securely!


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A vertical aeroponic
automated cultivation.
Repeatable, economic,
practical, scalable safe and secure


Indoor vertical cultivation using automated nutrient, light, CO2, temperature, humidity and water variables maximizes yield production.

Resulting in fewer lost batches, higher quality, consistently between batches, fully traceability and cost effective against traditional grow technologies.

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Recent Work


August 17, 2020

Vertical Farming: The answer to global food security?

Due to the current situation of the COVID, the importance of investing in agricultural technologies capable of meeting …

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August 17, 2020

Vertical farming is a great answer for food security worldwide.

Agriculture, like the world, is changing. Climate change, the lack of fertile land and an exponential increase …

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August 17, 2020

A brief insight into Thailand’s vertical farming sector

Today, vertical farming is rapidly developing into a new sector that has attracted the interested of …

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